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Our products are designed with the latest technologies in home comfort and deliver smart, efficient comfort solutions. We take pride in surpassing your expectations and delivering quality you can feel.


Our split system air conditioners are designed with quality and cool comfort in mind. Explore everything from our Energy Star® certified, high-efficiency units to our budget-friendly Performance Series air conditions.


In warmer climates, a heat pump can be used year-round to deliver both cooling and heating. And in colder climates, it can be paired with a compatible furnace for dual fuel capability and potential heating energy savings.


Looking for a thermostat that can do more than just increase or decrease the temperature setting of your home? Explore our feature-rich Ion™ System Control and take command of your home comfort and potential energy-savings.


Designed for heating and/or cooling comfort in one packaged product, our packaged products can deliver ultimate year-round comfort.


Looking to heat your home without natural gas or propane? Consider, one of our Energy Star® certified oil furnaces, designed for durability and quiet comfort.


When it’s chilly outside, a dependable Heil® gas furnace can keep you warm all winter long. Choose from our high-efficiency models that can deliver enhanced comfort control to our most budget-friendly designs.


Looking to heat or cool a room without ductwork? Or maybe you are just looking to minimize hot or cold spots in your home. Our ductless systems offer flexible solutions that can be customized to meet your needs.


Looking for one of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective ways to heat and cool your home? Tap into the Earth’s thermal energy with a Heil geothermal system.


A fan coil is a necessary component of a split-system when you opt not to install a furnace. When paired with either a heat pump or air conditioner, this indoor unit completes your system by circulating the conditioned air throughout the ductwork of your home.


These indoor coils are installed with your furnace to complete your split-system. Evaporator coils support the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump and are a critical component of your home comfort system.

Smart Sense Technology

Our Ion™ variable-speed air conditioners and heat pumps with SmartSense™ Technology offer outstanding heating and cooling comfort. These outdoor units can help minimize indoor temperature swings and deliver consistent comfort with enhanced humidity control when compared to a standard single-stage unit.

More than a Smart Thermostat

The Ion™ System Control is an advanced Wi-Fi® thermostat used to manage your complete Ion™ heating and cooling system. Looking to take your home comfort and energy savings to the next level? Your complete Ion system starts with this sophisticated smart system control.

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