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Ductless Systems

Why are so many homeowners going ductless?

Because they use the same process as traditional HVAC to heat and cool your home—just without the ductwork. Often called “mini-splits,” these systems work by connecting indoor and outdoor units through flexible refrigerant tubing— so they’re simple to install just about anywhere. And because ductless units are placed directly in the room, they offer precise temperature control, better energy efficiency and cost-effective comfort year-round.


Comfort Technology

Heil® ductless systems use inverter technology—which continually adjusts the compressor speed as conditions change—for consistent comfort with lower energy usage. Plus, enjoy year-round comfort with a system that offers dependable performance in temperatures from -22° F to 122° F.

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With SEER2 ratings up to 27.0 and HSPF2 ratings up to 17.5, all our Deluxe Series models are ENERGY STAR® certified. Take advantage of added energy-saving features like eco mode to cut energy costs up to 60%— without compromising on comfort.


Air Quality

Every Heil ductless unit has built-in reusable, washable air filters to capture airborne pollutants and allergens right in the room. Plus, the Deluxe Series comes equipped with relative humidity sensors—for customized humidity control in 5% increments.


Discreet Design

Systems integrate seamlessly into your home with nearly silent operation both indoors and out. And with auto-dimming LEDs and intelligent sleep mode cycles, the Deluxe Series helps create the peaceful and comfortable spaces you love while saving on energy


Convenient Controls and Features

The Deluxe Series offers cutting-edge comfort features—like occupancy sensors that can tell where you are in a room and send fresh air your way, and temperature sensing remotes that ensure optimal comfort whether you’re sitting near a drafty window or curled up by the fire.


See What Ductless Can Do For You

From garage workshops and attic studios to sunroom add-ons and more, Heil ductless solutions deliver unparalleled performance and fuss-free installation—so you can transform any space with ease.

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